"Randy Eller consulted in a number of capacities for IMC: as an advisor to me, a liaison for industry contacts, a participant in our strategic planning, and most significantly, as the executive in charge of our Integration Management Office.  In May of 2011 we formed IMC by purchasing the assets of 4 predecessor companies in a transaction valued at over $1 billion.  Randy led our integration efforts for human resources, system integrations, managing Temporary Service Agreements, and all other aspects of merging the four separate, disparate companies into one entity.  He led this effort with professionalism, energy, a results orientation and with an inclusive team building approach.  I can without equivocation recommend Randy and Eller Enterprises.  He is a capable and impressive senior executive and leader.  Randy has an infectious optimism with a can-do attitude that positively impacts everyone he touches.  Equally important, he can analyze complex situations and develop straight forward actionable plans. I hold him in the highest regard for his integrity, leadership and truly caring approach with people. Please feel free to contact me personally for further information."
Robert Maricich
International Market Centers

"Randy’s extensive and insightful knowledge of the decorative home industry puts his company’s consulting work in an entirely different/higher league than other consultants in this field. When you combine his knowledge with his genuine sense of humor and highly motivational style the results are phenomenal. All participants are not only highly motivated at the end of his sessions, but also approach the task at hand knowing they are on the right track to make the greatest impact on the business at hand."
David Gebhart
Global Views

"From the time we met, Randy Eller has provided me with incredible strategic input and I truly regard him as a very close confidant and friend.  Running and growing the Giftcraft business in this difficult economic climate has been a challenging and at times a lonely endeavor for me.  Randy has provided me with great advice and above all has always acted in the best interest of my company.  Randy has also demonstrated such high integrity that I have always felt safe sharing with him the most confidential information on our organization in order to get his insight and input." 

Trevor Cohen
Giftcraft Ltd.

"Randy Eller is astute in business dealings, able to analyze problems and provide effective and intelligent solutions. His listening skills along with sales and marketing knowledge combined with his people skills to make him a natural leader. Randy demonstrates a powerful intellect, a great sense of humor, honesty and loyalty and a commitment to achieving the best result."

Connie C. Lineberry
Connie Lineberry & Associates

"Thanks for the speedy turnaround Randy!  Our team has already had two great follow up sessions and I think you'll be happy with our direction.  Thanks again Randy; YOU are the Doctor this patient needed."

Curt Todd, CEO - Studio M

"Randy Eller is incredibly insightful and has a deep understanding and knowledge of the business.  I would highly recommend a 'Dose of Eller' to all businesses in the industry."

Douglas Stein, CEO - MadStyle