Professional Speaking


When inspiration is required…

You hire a Professional Speaker to bring something new to your audience.

Professional Speakers entertain. Professional Speakers educate.

Professional Speakers energize.

Professional Speakers Inspire.

Randy Eller is a Professional Speaker.

He commands attention. He makes an impact. He delivers.

Randy Eller’s professional and personal life experiences exemplify the American Dream. His humor and personality will resonate with your audience. His ability to create these personal connections ensures that his message will endure long after the speech has ended.

Eller Enterprises will customize a presentation for your event that will exceed your expectations and propel your audience towards personal excellence.

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Current Presentations Available

How to Prepare Your Exit Strategy

If you're running a profitable business, chances are you're making a very good living.  However, true financial security can only be obtained through a sale of your business for top dollar at some time in the future.  This presentation takes you through the step by step process to make sure you are running your company today in a manner that will ensure a highly successful sale when you are ready to exit the business.

Randy's Rules of Success

A motivating presentation outlining the vital steps necessary to become successful in America and reach your dreams.

Strategic Planning…. Not Just Another Day at the Office

Today’s business environment doesn’t just suggest… it demands… that successful companies complete a strategic planning exercise on an annual basis. This step by step presentation will take you from creating exciting brainstorming sessions all the way to formulating your company’s plan for the future.

Leadership…Not Management

America’s leading companies don’t have managers at the top… they have leaders. While some people are natural born leaders, most are not. There are basic methods to use in dealing with teams of people that will greatly enhance the measurable results your team achieves. This presentation shows you what to do, but also what not to do, as you climb the ladder of leadership success.

Driving Traffic to Your Business

Regardless of the type of business you are in today… you are offering something to your customers. The creativity, quality, and pricing of your goods or services will not matter unless you have one thing…TRAFFIC... coming to your location. This presentation discusses in detail how to answer the three most important questions in your business…and describes how to capitalize on those answers to drive traffic to you…instead of to your competitors.

It is and always has been an American seal to be the first in anything we do and to win and to win and to win.
- Vince Lombardi